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Maintained software

RGNC github

GitHub repository of the RNGC, where new developments are available. Among them, a new P-Lingua version (5.0) is under construction. Other projects are related to the interplay between social robotics and membrane computing. PMCGPU project has been moved to this github repository as well.

P-Lingua is a programming language for Membrane Computing which aims to be a standard to define P systems. It and its associated tools are available as a free and reusable package for the development of software/hardware applications capable of simulate P system computations. In order to implement this idea, a Java library called pLinguaCore has been produced as a software framework for cell-like, tissue-like, spiking neural-like P systems, and PDP systems, simulators. Several graphical applications have been developed based on P-Lingua, such as MeCoGUI, P-Lingua web analyzer and P-Lingua plugin. The latest version is now 4.0 (released on 28/09/13).

MeCoSim (Membrane Computing Simulator) is a software that offers the users a General Purpose Application to model, design, simulate, analyze and verify different types of models based on P systems. It includes a newer version of pLinguaCore including more features than version 4.0.

PMCGPU (Parallel simulators for Membrane Computing on the GPU) is a software project which aims to bring together all the researchers working on the development of parallel simulators for P systems, specially those using GPU computing (either CUDA or OpenCL). Other parallel platforms are also welcome (multicore and manycore, FPGAs, etc).

Student projects

CUDA specific simulators of virus machines by Sergio Velázques García

Fuzzy Reasoning Spiking Neural P systems by Juan Alberto Marín Morejón

Virus Machines by Félix Conde Marrón

CUDA implementation of sparse matrix representation of Spiking Neural P systems by Javier Hernández Tello

The first version of the language (1.0 beta), that was only able to define P systems with active membranes, but the project has been expanded, covering many other models.

This simulator was presented at the 9th Workshop on Membrane Computing.

The Cell Net project attempts to simulate the computation of a cellular membrane machine (P Systems) by means of a number of computers deployed across the Internet, trying to achieve a real massive parallelism. See a demonstration of the Active Membranes P-System Plugin in P-Lab Software on Youtube.

By M.A. Gutierrez Naranjo and D. Ramírez Martínez, University of Seville, Spain (April 2007)

By Andrés Cordón-Franco, Miguel A. Gutiérrez-Naranjo, Mario J. Pérez-Jiménez and Fernando Sancho-Caparrini (December 2004). Source code not available.

By M. Isabel Nepomuceno Chamorro, University of Seville, Spain (October 2004)

By M.J. Pérez-Jiménez and F.J. Romero-Campero (February 2004). Source code not available.