New version of MeCoSim available (12.08.01)

New version of MeCoSim available, enabling the running of "external simulators" returning the results of the computation in a text file, taking advantage of the input and output pre/post-processing in MeCoSim.
Added by Luis Valencia Cabrera almost 12 years ago

A new version of MeCoSim have made available, including changes in the simulation engine (pLinguaCore) for simple kernel P systems.

It also includes some general mechanism (that is going to be improved) to enable run "external simulators" integrated in MeCoSim, that is, from the same models and input tables, and with the mechanism for showing output tables and charts, but running the whole computation in the simulator, returning a simple text file to MeCoSim.

Some additional changes have been introduced to refactor some old mentions to "years". All of them have been renamed to "cycles".
This last change affects to the Promela Plugin, so we encourage the users of that plugin to download the last version of it.