P Transducers

TitleP Transducers
Publication TypeJournal Papers
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsCiobanu, G., Paun G., & Stefanescu G.
Journal TitleNew Generation Computing
Place PublishedTokyo, Japón

We introduce in this paper four classes of P transducers: arbitrary, initial, isolated arbitrary, isolated and initial. The first two classes are universal, they can compute the same word functions as Turing machines, the latter two are incomparable with finite state sequential transducers, generalized or not. We study the effect of the composition, and show that iteration increases the power of these latter classes, also leading to a new characterization of recursively enumerable languages. The "Sevilla carpet" of a computation is defined for P transducers, giving a representation of the control part for these P transducers.

Keywordschomsky hierarchy, Membrane computing, transducer, turing machine
ISSN Number0288-3635