Small Universal Spiking Neural P Systems

TitleSmall Universal Spiking Neural P Systems
Publication TypeJournal Papers
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsPaun, G., & Paun A.
Journal TitleBiosystems
Place PublishedSan Diego, CA, USA

In search for small universal computing devices of various types, we consider here the case of spiking neural P systems (SN P systems), in two variants: as devices that compute functions and as devices that generate sets of numbers. We start with the first case and we produce a universal spiking neural P system with 84 neurons. If a slight generalization of the used rules is adopted, namely, we allow rules for producing simultaneously several spikes, then a considerable reduction, to 49 neurons, is obtained. For SN P systems used as generators of sets of numbers, we find a universal system with restricted rules having 76 neurons and one with extended rules having 50 neurons.

ISSN Number0303-2647
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