A Spiking Neural P System Simulator Based on CUDA

TitleA Spiking Neural P System Simulator Based on CUDA
Publication TypeJournal Papers
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsCabarle, F., Adorna H., & Martínez-del-Amor M. A.
Journal TitleLecture Notes in Computer Science
ISBN Number978-3-642-28023-8
PublisherSpringer Verlag ProBusiness Berlin

In this paper we present a Spiking Neural P system (SNP system) simulator based on graphics processing units (GPUs). In particular we implement the simulator using NVIDIA CUDA enabled GPUs. The massively parallel architecture of current GPUs is very suitable for the maximally parallel computations of SNP systems. We simulate a wider variety of SNP systems, after presenting a previous work on SNP system matrix representation which led to their simulation in GPUs, and the simulation algorithm included here. Finally, we compare and present the performance speedups of the CPU-GPU based simulator over the CPU only simulator.

Issue12th International Conference, CMC 2011