Spiking neural P systems with neuron division and budding

TitleSpiking neural P systems with neuron division and budding
Publication TypeJournal Papers
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsPan, L., Paun G., & Pérez-Jiménez M. J.
Journal TitleScience China. Information Sciences
Place PublishedBeijing, China
Date Published08/2011

Spiking neural P systems are a class of distributed and parallel computing models inspired by spiking neurons. In this work, the features of neuron division and neuron budding are introduced into the framework of spiking neural P systems, which are processes inspired by neural stem cell division. With neuron division and neuron budding, a spiking neural P system can generate exponential work space in polynomial time as the case for P systems with active membranes. In this way, spiking neural P systems can efficiently solve computationally hard problems by means of a space-time tradeoff, which is illustrated with an efficient solution to SAT problem.

KeywordsMembrane computing, Natural computing, neuron division, Spiking neural P system
ISSN Number1674-733X