Tissue P Systems with Protein on Cells

TitleTissue P Systems with Protein on Cells
Publication TypeJournal Papers
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsSong, B., Pan L., & Pérez-Jiménez M. J.
Journal TitleFundamenta Informaticae
PublisherIOS Press
Place PublishedWarsaw, Poland
Date Published03/2016

Tissue P systems are a class of distributed parallel computing devices inspired by biochemical interactions between cells in a tissue-like arrangement, where objects can be exchanged by means of communication channels. In this work, inspired by the biological facts that the movement of most objects through communication channels is controlled by proteins and proteins can move through lipid bilayers between cells (if these cells are fused), we present a new class of variant tissue P systems, called tissue P systems with protein on cells, where multisets of objects (maybe empty), together with proteins between cells are exchanged. The computational power of such P systems is studied. Specifically, an efficient (uniform) solution to the SAT problem by using such P systems with cell division is presented. We also prove that any Turing computable set of numbers can be generated by a tissue P system with protein on cells. Both of these two results are obtained by such P systems with communication rules of length at most 4 (the length of a communication rule is the total number of objects and proteins involved in that rule).

Keywordsbio-inspired computing, cell division, Cell protein, Membrane computing, Tissue P System, Universality
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ISSN Number0169-2968