A New Class of Symbolic Abstract Neural Nets: Tissue P Systems

TitleA New Class of Symbolic Abstract Neural Nets: Tissue P Systems
Publication TypeJournal Papers
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsMartín-Vide, C., Pazos-Sierra J., Paun G., & Rodríguez-Patón A.
Journal TitleLecture Notes in Computer Science
Place PublishedAmsterdam, The Netherlands

Starting from the way the inter-cellular communication takes place by means of protein channels and also from the standard knowledge about neuron functioning, we propose a computing model called a tissue P system, which processes symbols in a multiset rewriting sense, in a net of cells similar to a neural net. Each cell has a finite state memory, processes multisets of symbol-impulses, and can send impulses ("excitations") to the neighboring cells. Such cell nets are shown to be rather powerful: they can simulate a Turing machine even when using a small number of cells, each of them having a small number of states. Moreover, in the case when each cell works in the maximal manner and it can excite all the cells to which it can send impulses, then one can easily solve the Hamiltonian Path Problem in linear time. A new characterization of the Parikh images of ET0L languages are also obtained in this framework.

ISSN Number0302-9743