A Modeling Approach Based on P Systems with Bounded Parallelism

TitleA Modeling Approach Based on P Systems with Bounded Parallelism
Publication TypeJournal Papers
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsBernardini, F., Romero-Campero F. J., Gheorghe M., & Pérez-Jiménez M. J.
Journal TitleLecture Notes in Computer Science
ISBN Number978-3-540-69088-7
Place PublishedAmsterdam, The Netherlands

This paper presents a general framework for modelling with membrane systems that is based on a computational paradigm where rules have associated a finite set of attributes and a corresponding function. Attributes and functions are meant to provide those extra features that allow to define different strategies to run a P system. Such a strategy relying on a bounded parallelism is presented using an operational approach and applying it for a case study presenting the basic model of quorum sensing for Vibrio fischeri bacteria.

ISSN Number0302-9743