Reaching Seville from Malaga

Malaga has the largest international airport in Andalusia (Pablo Picasso Airport, AGP), and it is just 2-3 hours from Seville. There are two ways to get to Seville from Malaga (train and bus), and they both are centralized in the Train and Bus station of Malaga (María Zambrano station). You can go from airport to the train station by taxi, but the cheapest and fastest way is the Malaga commuter train (C1 line), which departs every 20 minutes.

  • By train: You can travel easily from Malaga to Seville by train (RENFE, lasts 2h). Trains to Seville Santa Justa train station depart from Maria Zambrano Train Station. The timetable and prices are available here. All the information at the train and train stations are available also in English.
    There are two types of trains: Avant (fastest (2h) but more expensive) and Media Distancia (slowest (2h 40') but cheapest, almost the same price than the bus).
  • By bus: It is the cheapest way to get to Seville, although the trip takes about 3 hours. Buses depart from Maria Zambrano station, and the bus company is Alsa. The timetable and prices are available at the company web. Moreover, at 16:45, there is a bus departing from Malaga Airport to Seville, which operates with Alsa as well (search for "Aeropuerto Malaga" to "Sevilla") here.

    Have a nice trip and do not hesitate to contact the organising committee may you need any additional information!