Kernel P Systems - Version I

TitleKernel P Systems - Version I
Publication TypeConference Contributions
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsGheorghe, M., Ipate F., Dragomir C., Mierla L., Valencia-Cabrera L., García-Quismondo M., & Pérez-Jiménez M. J.
Conference NameEleventh Brainstorming Week on Membrane Computing (11BWMC)
Volume TitleProceedings of the Eleventh Brainstorming Week on Membrane Computing (11BWMC)
ISBN Number978-84-940691-9-2
PublisherFénix Editora
Place PublishedSevilla, España
Date Published08/2013

A basic P system, called kernel P system4 (kP system for short), combining
features of di erent P systems introduced and studied so far is de ned and discussed. The
structure of such systems is de ned as a dynamic graph, similar to tissue-like P systems,
the objects are organised as multisets, and the rules in each compartment, rewriting and
communication together with system structure changing rules, are applied in accordance
with a speci c execution strategy. The de nition of kP systems is introduced and some
examples illustrate this concept. Two classes of P systems, namely neural-like and generalised
communicating P systems are simulated by kP systems. Some case studies prove
the expressive power of these systems.