Tissue P systems

Prof. Daniel Díaz Pernil

University of Seville, Spain

In this talk we will present the basic elements of this model that it was
introduced by A. Riscos, Gh. Paun y M. Pérez. In this model, we stopped
working with an hierarchized structure of membranes representing an
individual cell, as it happens in P systems, and we work with an structure
of interconnected cells representing a biological tissue. This way, on the
one hand a model next to a special type of cells, the neurons is presented,
and on the other the versatility of P systems of modelling different aspects
from the biological systems is showed.

  • Date: November 21st 2008, at 9h
  • Place: Seminar room of the Department (ETSII, Module H, First floor)
    (If the problems with the connection to the projector are solved, the seminar will be in this room. Otherwise, we will look for another place)
  • Language: English