Fifth Brainstorming Week on Membrane Computing

TitleFifth Brainstorming Week on Membrane Computing
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsGutiérrez-Naranjo, M. A., Paun G., Romero-Jiménez Á., & Riscos-Núñez A.
Conference NameFifth Brainstorming Week on Membrane Computing
Date Published29/01/2007
PublisherFénix Editora
Place PublishedSeville (Spain)
ISBN Number978-84-611-6776-0


A. Alhazov, R. Freund, M. Oswald, S. Verlan

Partial Versus Total Halting in P Systems

I.I. Ardelean, M. Ignat, C. Moisescu

Magnetotactic Bacteria and Their Significance for P Systems and Nanoactuators

F. Bernardini, M. Gheorghe, M. Margenstern, S. Verlan

Networks of Cells and Petri Nets

A. Binder, R. Freund, M. Oswald, L. Vock

Extended Spiking Neural P systems with Excitatory and Inhibitory Astrocytes

Bonchis, C. Izbasa, G. Ciobanu

Information Theory over Multisets

R. Borrego-Ropero, D. Díaz-Pernil, J.A. Nepomuceno

VisualTissue: A Friendly Tool to Study Tissue P Systems Solutions for Graph Problems

N. Busi

Towards a Causal Semantics for Brane Calculi

D. Díaz-Pernil, M.A. Gutiérrez-Naranjo, M.J. Pérez-Jiménez, A. Riscos-Núñez

A Linear Solution for Subset Sum Problem with Tissue P Systems with Cell Division

R. Freund, Gh. Paun, M.J. Pérez-Jiménez

Polarizationless P Systems with Active Membranes Working in the Minimally Parallel Manner

M. García-Arnau, D. Pérez, A. Rodríguez-Paton, P. Sosik

Spiking Neural P Systems: Stronger Normal Forms

C. Graciani-Díaz, M.A. Gutiérrez-Naranjo, M.J. Pérez-Jiménez

A Membrane Computing Model for Ballistic Depositions

M. Ionescu, D. Sburlan

P Systems with Adjoining Controlled Communication Rules

M. Ionescu, D. Sburlan

Several Applications of Spiking Neural P Systems

A. Leporati, C. Zandron, C. Ferretti, G. Mauri

On the Computational Power of Spiking Neural P Systems

A. Obtulowicz

Some Mathematical Methods and Tools for an Analysis of Harmony-Seeking Computations

Gh. Paun

Twenty Six Research Topics About Spiking Neural P Systems

M.J. Pérez-Jiménez, T. Yokomori

Membrane Computing Schema Based on String Insertions

D. Ramírez-Martínez, M.A. Gutiérrez-Naranjo

A Software Tool for Dealing with Spiking Neural P Systems

J.M. Sempere, D. López

On Two Families of Multiset Tree Automata