The TRAIL apoptosis system

Dr. Beverley Henley

University of Seville, Spain


Apoptosis, a controlled form of cell death, is used by multicellur organisms to dispose of unwanted cells in a diversity of settings. Cells that undergo apoptosis are dismantled from within in a controlled manner that minimises damage and disruption to neighbouring cells. TRAIL is a homotrimeric ligand that induces apoptosis through engagement of death receptors. TRAIL was discovered due to its structural homology to the FAS ligand. Here, an overview of apoptosis and of the TRAIL molecule and its mechanism of action as an apoptosis-inducing ligand is given.

  • Date: October 17th 2008, at 9h
  • Place: Seminar room of the Department (ETSII, Module H, First floor)
  • Language: English