Seminars 2006-2007

Date Title Speaker
13-02-2007 All NP-Problems Can Be Solved in Polynomial Time by Accepting Networks of Splicing Processors of Constant Size Prof. Victor Mitrana
12-02-2007 A New Operation Suggested by DNA Biochemistry: Hairpin Completion Prof. Victor Mitrana
09-02-2007 P Systems, a Computational Modelling Framework for Cellular Systems Francisco José Romero Campero
19-01-2007 Doubler and Linearizer: An approach toward a unified theory for molecular computing based on DNA complementarity Prof. Takashi Yokomori
24-11-2006 Complexity Aspects of P Systems with Polarizationless Active Membranes Mario J. Pérez Jiménez
10-11-2006 Simulating Ballistic Depositions with P System Miguel A. Gutiérrez Naranjo
27-10-2006 Computación en sistemas híbridos uni-dimensionales: caos, universalidad e indecidibilidad Fernando Sancho Caparrini
09-10-2006 On the state complexity of combined operations Prof. Dr. Sheng Yu