Reaching Seville from Madrid

There are three ways for coming from Madrid to Seville:

* By plane:   If you arrive to Madrid by plane to Barajas Airport, the most comfortable   way to reach Seville is by taking another plane to Seville. Your local   travel agency can inform about the connections, otherwise you can   see the flights timetable from Madrid to Seville at

The Airport of Seville is about 10 km. from the town. There are a good   service of taxi and bus connecting the town and the airport. Information   about both services are available at

The timetable of the bus service is available at

* By train:   The second way to come to Seville is by train. Trains to Seville leave   from Atocha Train Station. The timetable and prices are available at

If you arrive to Madrid by plane and you want to came to Seville by train   (or by bus, the third option) you can go from the Airport to the train   station by taxi, but the cheapest and fastest way is the underground. You   can take information (even a detailed map) about it at:

* By bus:   It is the cheapest way, but the trip lasts about six hours. The bus   leaves from "Estacion Sur" (Mendez Alvaro s/n, local 3-4)  which can be   reached by taxi or underground, and the bus company is Socibus. The   timetable and prices are in the company web:

Have a nice trip and do not hesitate to ask any extra information you need!